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The history of Maiko Hotel

Originally built in 1919 by a shipping tycoon, the beautiful Maiko Hotel has witnessed the salt breeze and nature of Maiko for nearly 100 years.

Maiko Hotel is located just 3 minutes walk away from Maiko station. Inside the property, there is an absolute silence away from hustle and bustle of the city. Only the sound of stepping the oriental gravel and twittering birds are heard. Set admist the classic Japanese garden, Maiko Hotel’s elegant figure stands out against the blue sky and the surrounding nature.

Maiko Hotel was built in 1919, once a guesthouse for an eminent shipping tycoon -Kyutarou Kusakabe. Kusakabe entertained his important overseas clients at this guesthouse that he spent a great fortune to seek the best building skills and materials at the time.

In 1942, Maiko Hotel was open as a high-class Japanese restaurant. A number of notable people have visited here and enjoyed social opportunities since then. In 2010, the hotel was reopened as an Italian Restaurant as well as a wedding venue which compromises Eastern and Western style.

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Google Map

Maiko Hotel

2-5-41, Maikodai, Tarumi-ku Kobe-shi, Hyogo-ken, Japan
ZIP: 655-0046

By Train

  • By Sanyo Dentetsu
    Get off at “Maikokouen” station and 2 minutes walk to the north.
    (Both express and local services stop at “Maikokouen” station)
  • By JR(Kobe line)
    Get off at “Maiko” station and 3 minutes walk to the north.
    (Both rapid and all-stop services stop at Maiko station)

By Shinkansen

  • Get off at “Nishiakashi” station and change to Kobe line (local service).
  • Get off at “Maiko” station (to Kobe direction,both rapid and local services stop at the station ).

By Car

  • By Daini Shimei road
    7 minutes from Takamaru IC
  • By Hanshin Expressway 
    Kita Kobe line: 25 minutes from Zenkai IC
    *Please allow about 30 minutes from the interchanges in case of the traffic congestion.


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Historic Maiko Hotel’s Italian restaurant was established in 2010. Enjoy our tasty cuisine made from highly-selected ingredients whilst looking over the Japanese garden. The historic atmosphere of the original guesthouse of a shipping tycoon will also attract you

Opening hours

Monday, Wednesday to Sunday


restaurant restaurant

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Maiko Hotel - the historic guesthouse with intercultural beauty from the East and the West offers a wedding with thoughtful hospitality (“Omotenashi” wedding).

Your guests will relish the beauty of the seasons in 17,000 square meters of Japanese garden along with our specially prepared cuisine for your wedding.